Autumn Cloche

Hello from Liz Matthews



This idea came to me and I couldn't wait to get to work designing it. To date, this is my most favorite thing I've ever designed! It turned out so similarly to what I envisioned in my head, and that's not always the case. In mid July, as I was heading into Expo prep I felt like my collection just wasn't “complete”. It was a gut feeling I had that something was missing , and then this idea came to mind. With the clock ticking I wondered if it could actually by done in time, and I decided to go for it! I power stitched this mega piece in 10 days. 18,958 stitches in 10 days is A LOT of stitching, but I did it, and I AM SO GLAD I did! This piece uses both cross stitches and straight stiches to achieve this spooky fall look. It could easily be broken up into smaller sections if you prefer something more manageable.
Fabric: 40 count Steinbeck linen from Needle and Flax
Threads: NPI 998, 965, 964, 963, 336, 952, 991, 126, 223, 775, 476, 245, 243, 226, 
DMC conversion provided.
Stitch count: 287 wide x 175 high